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(not your average)

On-site, in or around your offices or at a local location. You get a consistent vibe and your employees each get a unique, flattering set of headshots for work, speaking engagements, social media and more! 


  1. I have perfected a combination of posing and back-end processing to make each person look their absolute best - not overly photoshopped, just what you'd want to look like on a great day in great light with a great outfit on...

  2. I make it fun and painless! I know this isn't everyone's favorite thing to do on a weekday (and I'm not offended), so I keep it light with lots of laughter and smiles to come out the other side with great images.

  3. I do all the work for you! I personalize a scheduling website for employees to book times and then send each person their portfolio. I consolidate their "favs" into one spot for you to use on the website, and your employees get to keep the images (in color and B&W) to use for other needs - what a great gift from you!

  4. I come to you - your office, we can rent a space or find a great outdoor location nearby. I know your people have better things to be doing, so I've perfected being efficient yet still creative.

  5. I make sure these aren't boring, average headshots. I set up a few backgrounds and capture each person in a variety of flattering poses (leaning is key!), noteworthy settings, and different outfits.

  6. I spent 25+ years in Corporate America before leaving and pursuing my photography passion - I LOVE to work with smart, driven, talented people to capture them at their best!

PRICING PACKAGES (per employee)

  1. 10 Min each, $80/person (Min 6), 2 to 3 backgrounds, 10+ images, one outfit

  2. 15 Min each, $115/person (Min 4), 3 to 4 backgrounds, 15+ images, two outfits

  3. 20 Min each, $150/person (Min 3), 3 to 5 backgrounds, 20+ images, three outfits

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