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In and around your home is always great or let me know if you have a meaningful location, but here's some other ideas if you just aren't sure what's going to be best....


"Urban" locations offer a ton of great interaction opportunities (good for posing), a variety of backgrounds, colors that pop, and a glimpse of Denver's city scene...

  • Union Station and MIlk Market - a bit of walking but downtown is super fun, MIlk Market sometimes has some photo restrictions going on

  • Denver Central Market and the murals of RINO - obviously VERY cool area

  • Avanti and the Highlands area, cool spot called happy camper and some views of downtown

  • Little Man Ice Cream and the bridge to downtown, again, just walking around the area

  • DCPA - in and around this area if you are in the performing arts arena

  • DAM and Clyfford Still Museum - a little more laid back area

  • REI and Confluence Park area - some green, some brick and industrial areas

  • Downtown bridge near Platt River Trail, then walk over toward Larimer Square

  • The Source (more indoor) has a food court and hotel, the more industrial surrounding area

  • Edgewater Public Market (mostly indoor if weather is bad) - next door to Sloan's Lake if you want a little bit of nature as well

  • The Yard on 1st and Santa Fe - this is an industrial complex with some murals, cool art, train, and fun things to interact with.

LOCAL CITY STREETS with restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries and lots of character:


"Nature" settings showcase why it's so great to live in Colorado! From red rocks to evergreens to gorgeous views to winter wonderlands or autumn colors, this may be what how you want to capture your adventure...  

  • Wash Park - can't go wrong here!

  • Cheeseman park offers more a more traditional marble pavilion along with great flowers and paths

  • City Park has views of downtown denver along with the great boat house and pond out front

  • Grant-Frontier Park - along the Platte River, gorgeous in the fall with large boulder and playground

  • Harvard Gulch - fencing, huge trees and a pong

  • DU lawn @ Richie School of Eng, next to Dept of Biologic Studies, next to Boechtter museum with columns and cool 60's architecture

  • Robert McWilliams park off Yale/University - cute little park with field and a stream

  • Golden - Historic Park along a river with great trees

  • Jackass Hill - long yellow grass and some mountain views

  • Ketring Park - where the Littleton Museum is location

  • DeKoevend Park - lot of variety and centrally located

  • South Valley Park - hiking trail with large red rocks around (no trees)

  • Rosamond Park - big space, lots of options

  • Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park with a river and climbing stones

  • Silo/Tommy Davis Park in the DTC area off E Orchard is beautiful



  • In and around your high school

  • Playing a sport, at your favorite field

  • Favorite activity - music, theater or other that can be incorporated

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