I think we've all started the "photo organization" process at one point or another. And haven't gotten very far. WHY? It's hard?! there are lots of decision to be made, a huge number of technology choices and it can take an individual hours or days or weeks to complete the project!


But just think of the joy, happiness and security you will feel having your memories preserved and ready to view, share and enjoy anywhere and anytime.

I also offer editing and restoration services for those favorite photos to make them look incredible!

Couple with Mobile Phone


Organization& Curation

Imagine a world where you could have easy access to  all enjoy, laugh and share of your digital images and videos - kids, dogs, vacations - without having see all those screen shots of receipts, those shoes were considering buying or that mole you wanted your doctor to look at. Let me bring your memories to life!  I consolidate your photos from multiple sources then sort, curate your best images, remove duplicates, edit for exposure/color/brightness and organize them into a year and event folder structure. I can do this all remotely using screen sharing technology.

And off course, I back this all up to two secure solutions for you to alleviate any worries you have about losing all your amazing memories!

$500 for up to 5 devices/<5000 photos

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Family Photos in B&W


Safe, reliable and local. Photos or videos , RELIABLE, LOCAL - photos or videos will not leave my possession! High quality at ~1000 DPI and can handle photos any size


  • $200/box that I provide measuring 13" x 9" x 6" or about 50% bigger than a shoebox

  • or  $.25/photo

  • Images can be sent back on a USB thumb drive or uploaded to a cloud service

  • Albums are priced at $2/page (double-sided)

  • Album creation for $100 for design-only (year in the life, special events), you get to print album with vendor of choice

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Uncover long lost memories and convert them into a digital format your family can enjoy!

DVD - $25/tape (bulk discount available)

CD - $5/disc

Other formats - can recommend solutions

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old formats to digital