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Sarah Nolan wants to say THANK YOU for being a fabulous client! Come join one of the stress-free sessions below with family, furry friends or just yourself to get a complimentary photo shoot. These are great for holiday cards, gifts for grandparents, or just to capture this moment in time.


  • Sign up at your location below for a 10 minute time-slot 

  • Location is planned to be at Wash Park (in the small park lot near the playground/basketball courts, across from Grasmere Lake), Picnic Area 3A, 701 S Franklin St Parking, Denver, CO 80209

  • If you need some clothing guidelines, check out these recommended family outfit ideas

  • Jenn Piccolo Photography will email you a link with 10+ fully-edited, high-resolution photos for you to share with friends and family, use on holiday cards, or update your social media profile.

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