Ensure you have captured and saved all the memories or your life. What a great gift to share with your kids, grandkids, family and friends far and wide! Can upload to a shared site for easy access.

EASY, SAFE, RELIABLE, LOCAL - photos will not leave my possession! High quality at 300 DPI and can handle photos up to 8"x10".


  1. Purchase a sturdy box from me to fit up to ~1k photos (13"x9"x6")

  2. I will drop it off and pick it up when you are ready (Denver Metro), save $25 if if you want to do pickup and drop off to me

  3. With a week, I will get you back the box photos along with a USB of the images (or can upload to digital storage service of your choice)

PHOTO SCANNING ALBUMS- ~$40/album (for up to 40 pages):

  1. Keep the album as is and I'll scan the pages, separating each photo

  2. , You'll be get back digital "albums" from each set of photos with the year/tag of your choice!

  3. Multiple albums get a discount! 2 Albums 10%, 3 albums 20%, 4  or more albums 20% 


  1. $25/photo Includes Brightening, white balance improvement, color correction, noise reduction
  2. $50/photo for heavy restoration include removal of distracting items, stain reduction, frame discoloration
  3. 20% discount if you use me for the scanning services above


  • Do you prefer drop-off or pick-up?
    • Either way is fine with me!​ I give you a $25 credit for coming my way (Platt Park area)
  • Can you add tags or dates to the photos? YES
    • For albums, I automatically group photos into a "digital" album as well as tag photos with a year/name of your choice (e.g. 2005 Max 1st Year)
    • For the box of photos, for an extra $50 you can group the photos and put a YEAR and a TAG that I will upload to the digital names of each image (e.g. 1990 Piccolo Family Reunion)​