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I'm so excited to work with you! Review additional information here then pick a time, date and preferred location (I can work with you on ideas if you aren't sure yet). NOTE: If you need a Friday/Sat or date that isn't on my scheduling page, please work with me directly but I prefer weeknights and Sundays since the popular locations are more crowded.

The best light to start a session is 60 to 90 min before sunset but I'll confirm final start time once we set the location and date. Early morning about an hour after sunrise is also fabulous but I know most teens aren't up for that time range but let me know if you are the exception and we can schedule you in.


  1. Decide what you want captured - families, headshots or your HS Senior (or for the hour sessions or longer I can combine any or all of these)

  2. Consider your desired location, or you can find inspiration and ideas here if you don't have a meaningful spot already in mind

  3. Click on link below to book a time and date on my calendar

  4. Put on some comfy shoes, a big smile and get ready for a fun, stress-free session!

If you need some outfit recommendations

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